Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cast Your Vote


We went on a date last night and we made a final list of names for this baby. (That wasn't the purpose for our date, we just did it while we were on our date).

There is a poll at the very top of the sidebar.

Go and vote! If a certain name wins, I'm not guaranteeing that we will use that certain name.

The voting will end on my due date, June 28th. You can vote for more than one name, if you like.

Feel free to let us know of reasons for your choice in comments on this post!


Anonymous said...

I understand the whole Wrigley/Rigley thing since Ryan LOVES his cubs. YOu guys are crazy! I like Isaac the best because its not too off the wall and still unique and not very common these days. Was Reece, because of Pokey Reese?? Anyway... good luck.

PS I have to admit I also thought about wrigley gum when I saw those names

Joy Elizabeth Jackson said...

I voted for Reece, but I also like Isaac. It is only letting me change my vote instead of voting twice, so I just wanted to let you know. I LOVE the name Reece, but if you don't use it for him then I think it also works for a girl in the future.:) Can't wait to see what you decide!

And what if you have the baby before your due date? Will the name game end early? Here's to an early delivery!!!

De Anne said...

Bummer. There is an error and I can't even see the choices. I'm sure whatever you choose will be perfect.

Kathryn S. said...

So, Reece kinda like Reese Witherspoon? Is that just different spelling to pass as a boy's name? (We don't announce names to avoid people saying things like I just did lol)

I like Isaac and Quinton. But I'm voting for Quinton because I think Quinton Bell sounds slightly better than Isaac Bell.

Nicole said...

I voted for Isaac and Reece... good luck! Boy names are so hard.

Kelly said...

I didnt see the list but from others' comments, I think they are all really cool names. Once he's born, he'll be so cute that his name will be cute too no matter what it is. So I vote for Bobby or Jon Bob.