Subjects of the Blog

This is me. I write the blog and I'm the wife/mom in the family. I am so lucky to have the life that I do. I have dreams of being the perfect housewife, an accomplished pianist and ukulele-ist, and a well known blogger. One day at a time!

 This picture perfectly captures my man's personality. He is so fun-loving! He has my heart. He works so hard for us and brings home the bacon. He loves all sports and cheesecake. 

Here is our little princess. While she loves everything girly, she is pretty scrappy and has a definite tom-boy side. It is good that she is this way because the majority of her friends and cousins are boys. She is so sweet and always helps us to remember to say our prayers.

 This is our little miracle baby. A few weeks after he was born he spent 7 weeks in the hospital (3.5 in intensive care and 3.5 in a regular room). He is doing great now and is quite the boy. His first word was ball and he gets so excited when he sees anything that even resembles a ball.