Friday, April 16, 2010


Last weekend we went on a Safari with our friends!

About twenty minutes away from us there is a place called The Wild Wilderness Drive Thru Safari. It is awesome! For those of you in Idaho, it is similar to Bear World, but better. It is only $10 a person (under 3 is free) and there are a TON of animals that you can see. It starts off with the drive through where you can see so many animals: llamas, deer, buffalo, emu/ostrich, tigers, lions, monkeys, all kinds of birds, zebras, camels, alligator, donkeys and a hippo. There are more but those are the ones that I can remember and identify when I look through all of our pictures. The ostriches were crazy. They would get right up to the car and press their beaks up against the windows. Harper loved it!!

The girls in the back seat. Me, Harper, Myma, and Missy. We took them out of their car seats so that they could see better.

After the drive through area you can park your car and go to the petting and walk around area. In the petting area they have the usual like goats and pigs but they also had KANGAROO! We didn't get to pet them but we got really close and they were adorable. They were sleeping and there was a little joey sleeping in his mama's pouch. They also have monkeys in the petting area.

Harper LOVED feeding the goats. I would put the food in her hand and she would hold it out and let the goats eat it. She wasn't afraid at all. This little girl loves animals!

In the walk around area they have lots of other kinds of animals too. A lot of different kinds of monkeys. We also saw a porcupine, turtles, aardvarks, snakes, birds, a giraffe, camels, and a baby bear cub!

It was so much fun! We were there for a long time and by the end Harper was definitely ready to go as you can tell in this picture.

Hopefully this post will give all of our family and friends more incentive to come and visit us so that we can take you there!


Joy Elizabeth Jackson said...

That sounds so fun! But was there a place to eat? I know that's a stupid question, but I'm pregnant, and I'm always thinking about food.

Ginet said...

Zach and I were just talking the other day about how we need to plan a trip to see you guys and Chris and Emmi. Maybe next summer. The kids would love the safari!

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