Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Put a Fork in Her.....

This may be a little late in the developmental calendar but oh well.

Harper has now started eating some foods with a fork.

A lot of kids out there that are the same age as her have probably been doing this for a while. I put off the whole utensil training because of the inevitable mess that would ensue. I still haven't started the messy part yet. Now she just eats things that she can spear with the fork, as you can see in the photo.... noodles and chicken nuggets. She has really enjoyed it though. I got her an Elmo plate and she loves eating the food off the plate and finding Elmo.


Sam said...

Lexi has and loves that same plate. Lexi loves using a fork and spoon. I think it makes them feel big. Lexi always asks for a knife too but I see no need for a one year old to use one.

My question is when do you let them eat cereal with milk with a spoon. Now that sounds messy.

Kathryn S. said...

Cute. I'm just looking in the background to sneak peeks at your new house!!!! Can't wait for a tour!