Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Soy Butter?

Ryan is allergic to nuts. All nuts. Which means that he is also allergic to peanut butter. I have done a few tests and I don't think that Harper is allergic. Allergies can present themselves later in life, so there is still a possibility that she could be allergic.

I have found Soy Butter which is a non-peanut alternative to peanut butter. While pregnant I like to have a nice little PB&J every once in a while. I am always careful to use the knife in the non-peanut butter component of the sandwich first so that I don't get peanut butter into the other jar. I always clean the knife off too. I would just feel more comfortable having soy butter instead. That way if Harper turns out to be allergic she can still have a PB&J sandwich.

Is Soy Butter good?
Does it taste like peanut butter?


Jacki said...

It doesn't taste like peanut butter, but I still like it.

Randy and Joann Bell said...


Harper is just getting to the age that allergies could start showing up. However probably through to adult hood is possible. It is a good idea to keep her away from some of the usual food items that are common such as tree nuts and shell fish. Careful around bees and wasps as well. Of course dogs and cats are common issues as well.

We wish you a great Easter weekend. Conference should be great as well.


Dad Bell