Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Calling All Handymen!!!

One of the negative things about our new house is the amount of screws and holes in the walls. It seems like the people that lived here before us had never heard of nails and they wanted to have every single wall covered with something. Ryan was on the phone with his mom the other night and she asked how bad it was and Ryan asked me to count the holes and screws in the master bedroom and I counted 28.


That's holes and screws together. It's pretty crazy. It's not that hard to get the screws out or the drywall anchors. My only problem has been these little buggers:

Toggle screws. There are a few of these guys around. It's not that hard to get out the screws that are screwed into them, but they are stuck in my walls. If there is anyone out there that can tell me how to get these monsters out of my walls without making an even bigger hole, please tell me!


Abe said...

Easy, take a sledge hammer and slam it through the wall, then you just have to fix the big hole.

Summar said...

The people we bought our house from in Houston had done the SAME thing! Why screws instead of nails I could never understand! When we had our bedroom painted the painters had a tool that would slice off the top of the screw so that they didn't have to pull out the whole anchor. Then they just patched that hole and painted over it. You would never know by looking at it! I did that later when I painted other rooms in our house. Good luck! I SO understand the screw/nail fiasco! :)

Randy said...


Another way is that after you have removed the screw portion is to push the toggle part into the wall and let it fall down. In other words don't try to get it out. Just drop it into the wall. Not elegant but....