Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Park Fun

The weather is finally starting to get nicer here and we are taking advantage of it! I usually go on a walk with Harper every day and sometimes we go on two! We went to the park the other day and here are some pictures of our fun times...and a video.

(This is how Harper feels about the Cubs, don't tell her dad!)

Harper and her pal, Lexi getting ready to go to the park.


n&e.asay said...

thos pics are so adorable! i love them

Samantha said...

I love our girls! They are so cute. And I am so happy that the weather is nice, well was nice, what is with today? And the forecast for the rest of the week doesn't look any better.

Allen Family said...

Cute pictures. I was wondering if we should cancel play group since summer is here?

abbyB said...

I don't know about y'all but i eat thing i like, therefore harper loves Da Cubs.