Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Green Canyon

This is the only picture that I have from our trip to Green Canyon, unfortunately. I just had to take it because Ryan put on my sunglasses as he was driving because he had his contacts in and he had his hat to the side like that and I thought he looked like one of those high school guys that wear the big sunglasses. It was pretty funny. He was saying "NO!" as I took the picture.

Well, we went to Green Canyon on the Friday of Ryan's week break between semesters. It is a hot spring indoor pool. It was a lot of fun. The place is really old and not in the best condition, but we still had a good time. We mostly just held Harper in the water and let her play around. When Ryan was in high school (I think) he was a life guard and he taught baby swim lessons. So, he wanted to dunk Harper. I was really nervous when he did it, but she did great! She came out of the water looking surprised, gave a little cough and was fine. Ryan did it a second time a little bit later and she did great again! I am so glad that I have Ryan to do all of the scary stuff like that because I am a wuss. We really don't want our kids to be afraid of water and we want them to be able to swim around and have fun. I think we are well on our way of doing that. Harper is a cute little fish. She loves taking baths and loves water. I don't think she'll ever be afraid of the water.

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