Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Up To Date

Well you were all able to read the previous post about 'The Plan' and here's what's going on with us now. Ryan: Busy as ever with school, work and church. He just became the captain of our ward flag football so that should be fun. Abby: I have been recently called as the secretary in the Relief Society presidency, so that is keeping my Sundays busy. I started a walking group with a couple of other girls in my ward. We walk together (with our strollers) at nine each morning. It is a lot of fun. When the weather gets too cold we are going to go to our stake center (which is across the street) and either walk around the gym or do workout videos or something. Harper: Beautiful as ever. She is such a great baby! She is holding her head up pretty well and she really likes to sit up (with help from Mama or Daddy). She is moving around a lot more and has started scooting around on her back. She doesn't do the scooting on purpose, but she kicks her legs and pushes them against the floor which helps her scoot.

After Harper got her shots. You can see the band-aids on her leg.

"I tried on the outfit you gave me, GiGi, but it's still a little too big."

Bundled up and ready to go outside.

I love my Nee-Nee, GiGi.

One of the things that we will miss the most about Rexburg when we leave is the Snow Cones. Here is Ryan enjoying his 'Frog In A Blender' flavored snow cone. The flavors are lemon-lime, strawberry and daiquiri. They have tons of other flavors and they are awesome!!!


Cassie said...

Oh man, I will miss the snow cones as well! I love those!

Ginet said...

Whenever we go to Utah in the summer I always have to get my snow cone fix. Why hasn't this tasty treat made it's way to other parts of the country?!

Samantha said...

I am totally enjoying your blog. I hope you don't think I am nosey but I would like to join your walking group. I have been thinking about starting one because I need the workout and to socialize and get out of the house.