Monday, October 06, 2008

Harper's First Road Trip, Etc.

For General Conference, we made a little family road trip down to Utah. We traveled down on Friday so that Ryan could attend his mission reunion. It was a lot of fun for him to show Harper off to his mission friends. We stayed with Ryan's brother Aaron for the weekend. Saturday morning we watched/listened to conference at Aaron's house. We had tickets for the Saturday afternoon session. Well, we had already planned on the trip down when we realized that you have to be 8 or older to attend conference. When we went to temple square we just gave our tickets away and watched at the tabernacle. After the session we met up with my old roommate and best friend, Sariah. Sariah and I had babies three weeks apart (not planned) so we wanted them to meet each other.

Sydney, Sariah, Me and Harper

After having dinner with Sariah, we went back to Aaron's house and we watched the Cubs' game. Which they unfortunately lost.

The boys sporting their Cubs jerseys.

On Sunday we watched the morning session at Aaron's house, went on a little hike and had lunch. Then after that we listened to the afternoon session as we drove up to Brigham City where we were able to visit with the Owens and the Sheas. My cousins Annie and Cassie have both had babies in the last year so we needed to introduce Harper to them too!

Sophie getting to know Harper

London cuddling with Grandma Heidi

Harper, London and Sophie

It was a great weekend. Harper slept the whole way driving in the car up and down! On our way home we saw a beautiful rainbow!


Abe said...

Go Cubs.....ooooooh I mean sorry.

Nikki Nichols said...

So fun Abs! I am so glad you guys had a good time. What a truly uplifting conference. I am so grateful Beckett was good the entire time so we could really listen and take in the wonderful spirit. Harper is getting so big, I can't believe it. How much does she weigh now? Well we need to get together someday ;) call me sometime when you have free time

Morgan & Jeff said...

We drove past you and I was like hey, that looked like ryan and abby. and then we realized, it was! so we slowed down and waved. Sorry if we looked like idiots!!!

Ginet said...

Harper is the perfect mix between the two of you. She is beautiful! Rumor has it we get to meet her next month...please tell me it is true!!