Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Plan

I was chatting with Abe on facebook this morning and he asked when Ryan was going to be finished with school and I realized that I hadn't really posted our plan on here to let everyone know what's going on.

Normally, Ryan goes to school during the Winter and Summer semesters. Last semester he applied for "fast-grad." That means that you can go to school year round. So, Ryan is in school this semester when he would usually be on a break. He will be finished with his classes in April and he will walk (in graduation). He won't technically graduate until he completes his internship in the Summer of '09. Next month he is going on an internship expedition, which is kind of like a field trip. He will be going to New York to meet with potential companies that he could internship with or get an entry level job with. After his internship he plans on working for a couple of years and then going back to get his MBA. Most MBA programs require a couple years of work experience. His major is Economics and he has two clusters (kind of like a mini minor) in math and finance. I'm pretty sure that he wants to study supply chain management for his MBA. If I'm wrong then I will correct that...or Ryan will.

So that's the plan for Ryan. As for me I'm going to be raising kid(s) and supporting Ryan in any way that I can.


Kelly said...

So are you saying you might be moving to NY for a while? That would be sooooo cool!! Ryan sounds so smart and ambitious!!

Ryan said...

Yea! I would love it if yall moved up here! We could show you around! Let me know if you ever want to come visit! We only live 20 minutes from NYC...Gary commutes into the the city every morning.

Gary got his MBA at UCLA (it's a top 10 for MBA schools)...anyway it's also a great place for members! The wards are HUGE and the married student housing is SUPER NICE! We made so many good friends there.