Saturday, March 29, 2008

6 months/ 25 weeks

Here's an update:

I'm working on getting a slide show of my baby shower together so that I can post it. Hopefully, it will be up soon.

Also, I want to thank everyone for all of those awesome suggestions on the books. Ez and Crystal I have started with Angels and Demons. Partly because I have always wanted to read it and partly because it was the cheapest one at the bookstore. I got about 15 suggestions from everyone and I'm so excited to get all of them read!!!


Anonymous said...

You look beautiful. Hope all is well with you and Ryan.


Kelly said...

Abby you look so cute!!!

meagan said...

You are a beautiful pregnant woman! I hope that you haven't been sick, or too sick, and you have been able to really enjoy being pregnant. Good luck with your last 99 days!