Monday, May 31, 2010

My Bad

This is a post to apologize for not posting.

I'm sorry I haven't been posting lately. I have a lot of things that I want to post about. Like my fun trip to GA with Harper, our house, our baby paper chain, our trip to the Oklahoma Aquarium and more.

I usually do my blog posting during Harper's naps. Lately those have consisted of me trying to get things done around the house, having lunch and sleeping.

I don't want to get too mushy or throw myself a pity party but the past few weeks of this pregnancy have been hard; in more ways than one. I am very big. I am very swollen. The simple task of sitting up has become so difficult. I can only fit into flip flops. Don't worry, I haven't worn them to church. It has also been a difficult few weeks emotionally. It's hard for me to express what is going on inside of me. There are times when I will just burst into tears for no apparent reason other than I'm pregnant. Most of the time that is the only reason that I can think of.

I am 36 weeks today (about 8 months). I am so excited because my baby shower is this week and my sister is coming up from Texas for it.

I will try very hard to do some posting this week.


Anonymous said...

Ive read your blog and you complain about your child following you around too least she loves you and looks up to you! You have complained several times about this choose to get pregnant! You should really look at what you have in life and be thanking God for all of the blessing he as given you. I'm really surprised that you, of all people, would be this negative. It makes me see you for who you may really be.

The Jones' said...

Abby, the Jones' think you're awesome! Congrats on being pregnant. To the previous ANONYMOUS post, you're lame and a coward. Again, Congrats and keep your head up.

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous,

Why would you post something this negative about my wife acting like you know her? If you were a true friend you would be there to listen instead of giving you're ignorant comments. My wife is amazing and serves her family in so many selfless ways. I'm such a lucky man to have such an amazing wife and mother to my children. You rock babe. I love you.


Stacy Toone said...

I wonder if ANONYMOUS has ever been pregnant!?! Abby, TODAY is my due date....and nothing! No contractions....looks like I'm going over. I know how you feel about even trying to sit up and feet so fat that only flip flops fit and even those leave imprints in my feet....(and I actually HAVE worn them to church cuz nothing else fits!) Hang in there...I think having a child gets so miserable sometimes so that we can enjoy the good times THAT much more! We miss you and love you guys.

Iust a side comment: "It makes me see you for who you may really be." I think who you REALLY are is a NORMAL mother who looks to friends and family for comfort and support in coping with things that are hard in your life. At least you don't pretend that there are NO trials in your life! Reading your blog helps me realize that I'm not the only one that struggles with things!

P.S. comments like that make me wonder if it's time for all of us to make our blogs private!

lance, miss, my, & finn said...

anonymous, you're rude!
abby, I think you're awesome. and being pregnant is hard! but you're a great mommy. and you look cute! I'm so excited to meet your new little guy! let me know if I can do anything.

Ginet said...

Hang in there Abby!

I'm not sure what is wrong with "anonymous" up there but don't listen to her/him. Those of us who actually know you think you are great! We know you're an amazing mother and we know you are super excited to be pregnant with this new little guy.

My advice for the swelling is to go to the pool! I always felt so much better after a good soak in the water...and Harper will love it too! :) I wish I had figured that out before baby #4!

Love you!

Abe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Abe said...

Hi, I'm anonymous and I write comments on peoples blogs because I'm a retard. Anonymous quit being a retard and write like you got a pair.

The Henkel Family said...

To little Miss Anonymous: I could really go on and on about how ridiculous of a comment that was but i tried to summarize it for ya...

1) It's the Bell's blog, so give me a break here she can say whatever she pleases.

2) I have no doubt "anonymous" has ever been pregnant, if so she would surely not have said that completely ignorant comment.

3) If someone's blog who you obviously have never met is bothering you, got a real simple solution for ya...STOP!

4) Abby is an amazing woman! She has always been a great example to me of a loving caring mother and friend! Venting about the trials of life are human nature, I don't think I know a single person who doesn't. I am also glad that Abby feels like she can be honest on her blog because it helps me feel less alone in hard times, to realize others are going through it too. Let's have a little more compassion here and a lot less judgment from the peanut gallery it would be much appreciated!

Kelly said...

I second Abe's comment!

Abby you're an amazing mom and I look up to you in so many ways! Hang in there! It's hard being pregnant when you're swollen and chasing around a toddler. I do have to say, that the pool was my saving grace when I was pregnant with Lily Kate. I'm excited to meet my new little nephew!!

Love you Abby!!

Kathryn S. said...

OH MY GOSH! I now am catching up on blogs since it's been a while and clicked here and was also shocked at the first comment. Way to go Ryan for sticking up for wife! If someone wrote that about me on my blog that's exactly what I'd want my husband to do.

Obviously this person doesn't know Abby very well. There is such thing as writing the facts...fact is, her daughter is following her around a lot. So, is this complaining? No. It's explaining and keeping a record of events--just like everything else. I know Abby very well, we grew up together and I know exactly what tone of voice she would have said that in.

If anything, you Mr./Ms. Anonymous, need to get to know Abby better and maybe instead of criticizing her and making inaccurate judgments, you could help her out and do something nice for her. That's what God would do. It kind of sounds like you might be bitter about something. Do you have children? Or are you just jealous of Abby's life? That's what it sounds like. Next time you comment, you should probably think twice. Abby negative? So what about all of the negative things you said to her? Take your own advice and be less negative and perhaps more understanding.

Ezra said...

I would like Anonymous to meet me in the octagon. It's go time. No refs. No tap outs.

Jeremy and Kara said...

I agree retarded comment from Annon. But did you know you can block annonymous comments? yep, under settings somewhere. Anyway I wish we could finally see some pictures of your new house, and prego belly. You are about to that that baby boy soon.

Kathryn S. said...

I agree with house pictures please!