Tuesday, March 09, 2010

March First Friday

Here in Bentonville they have a thing called First Friday where they have fun events at the Bentonville square on the First Friday of each month.

This month was a St. Patrick's Day/Celtic themed event. They had the usual pony rides and a giant blow-up slide and food and vendors. To go along with the theme, they had Irish dancers and Celtic music and a redhead contest and a freckle contest. We missed the start of the children's redhead contest but at the end they said that they all won. (I am pretty sure that if Harper were on stage she would have dominated!) We were there for the adult redhead contest. I took Harper up on the stage with me and I was up against four other people. They had the audience applause for who they thought was best and I think I got second place. The girl that won was from Scotland. How do you beat that? It was still really fun. Unfortunately, the only picture I got is the one at the top of the blog now. I think Ryan may have gotten one of Harper and me up on stage with his phone. I'll try to get that.

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The Lusks said...

How fun! Way to dominate the Red Heads!