Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Sounds Like Life

I heard this song on the radio as I was driving today and I love the lyrics.

( Darryl Worley, Wynn Varble, Phil O’Donnell )

Got a call last night from an old friend’s wife
Said I hate to bother you
Johnny Ray fell off the wagon
He’s been gone all afternoon
I know my buddy so I drove to Skully’s
And found him at the bar
I say hey man, what’s going on
He said I don’t know where to start

Sarah’s old car’s about to fall apart
And the washer quit last week
We had to put momma in the nursing home
And the baby’s cutting teeth
I didn’t get much work this week
And I got bills to pay
I said I know this ain’t what you wanna hear
But it’s what I’m gonna say

Sounds like life to me it ain’t no fantasy
It’s just a common case of everyday reality
Man I know it’s tough but you gotta suck it up
To hear you talk you’re caught up in some tragedy
It sounds like life to me

Well his face turned red and he shook his head
He said you don’t understand
Three kids and a wife depend on me
And I’m just one man
To top it off I just found out
That Sarah’s 2 months late
I said hey bartender set us up a round
We need to celebrate

Sounds like life to me plain old destiny
Yeah the only thing for certain is uncertainty
You gotta hold on tight just enjoy the ride
Get used to all this unpredictability
Sounds like life

Man I know its tough but you gotta suck it up
To hear you talk you’re caught up in some tragedy
Sounds like life to me
Sounds like life


When I am pregnant, my worst symptom (if you can call it that) is irritability.

I am very easily annoyed and my patience is about as thin as it will go.

Now, I know what you're thinking, "What?!?! Abby, you're always so cheerful. You have such a sunny disposition and there's always a smile on your face. You never complain....."

Yeah right!

(If you really are thinking that, you're just too nice. Or maybe I hide it really well.)

Harper is getting into the terrible twos and fits happen at least once a day. Usually more than that. There are also the "fun" days when she spills my loose powder all over my pant leg before leaving for a doctor's appointment (today), or when she is coloring with a pen and decides to write on the table and chair, or when she just wants to be held all day. If it has been a particularly rough day, then poor Harper has to deal with my impatience. I always feel the worst about taking it out on her when she comes and gives me a hug or kiss.

I say all of this because, it's just life. As a family, we are doing really well right now. We are in the process of buying a house, Ryan has a steady job and we are all healthy. There is truly nothing to complain about. I hope that all of you know that I wouldn't go to a bar and drink if I had a bad day. I don't drink, I'm Mormon. But there are days when I feel so sorry for myself and I just want to throw myself a pity party. What I really need to do is say to myself, "It's just life. And you've got a really good and easy one. Just look at what so-and-so is going through. You don't have to deal with that. Be grateful and just live your life and have fun!" That will really make me feel better.

I just wanted to share that. Not that any of you wanted it to be shared. Those lyrics just got me to thinkin'.

FYI:We did have our ultrasound appointment and the results will be posted soon, we just want to make sure that all of the family has been informed before we share it with the world.


Summar said...

Abby, I hope Harper is different than my boys...2 was a cake walk compared to 3!!! My mom says the same thing. It should be the terrible THREES!

Ezra said...

Love that song. He's got some good ones.

emmib said...

Never heard that song, Abby - but I'm going to go look for it on itunes now. Good post. I needed to hear that and be reminded of that. We do need to just enjoy where we are. Someone once told me that when my boys are older that I will "long" for the days when they were little. I don't want to have any regrets so I do my best to just enjoy!

Kathryn S. said...

I loved reading that. There's nothing like reading a good personal post every once in a while, it just makes me realize we're still all human. I can't wait to hear the news. Don't wait too long until you post the gender!

lance, miss, my, & finn said...

country songs are so fitting for life!:)
some days are hard. and I'm not even pregnant! I think you're doing great.:)d