Monday, February 01, 2010


Last weekend a really bad storm was coming through the Oklahoma/Arkansas area and we did our best to get prepared. The ice storm that they had last year was horrible and some people in our area were without power for a week. Luckily this year we didn't lose power. We only got about 1/2 inch of ice and six or seven inches of snow. Oklahoma was still hit pretty bad in some places, I've heard.

As you can see in the pictures, we got bread and water all ready but we didn't need it. When Ryan went to the store to get the bread they were all out of sandwich bread so he just got whatever they had (rolls, a whole wheat loaf, english muffins and tortillas). We also got some water ready. We have a Pur pitcher and Ryan got some bottled water. We also had some water bottles with filters in them that my parents had given me. I even filled up some of Harper's old baby bottles with filtered water. We didn't end up needing any of it but it was still nice to be prepared.

Good for us!

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Jeremy and Kara said...

I know exactly what you mean. A couple of weeks ago we had 3 big storms come through, and dump about 5 feet of snow within just a couple of days. So we did the same thing. We got water and groceries, extra batteries for flashlights etc. We didn't end up needing it either, but having that piece of mind is totally worth it.