Friday, October 23, 2009

Caught Up

I am finally caught up on blogging. I am planning on posting some pictures of our new place soon.

This next picture is of Harper's little plumber bum. I can't let her walk around in just a diaper anymore because she always tugs on it until it sags really low like this. (This picture is before we had our chouches moved in so the living room was bare.

When we lived in Idaho, we kept our garbage can in the pantry. Well, we don't have a pantry here and Harper has a new found love of throwing things away. I was getting ready to take the garbage out and I heard something vibrating...

She had thrown my phone away. Luckily it wasn't covered in garbage juice or anything.


Nikki Nichols said...

Abby that is so funny about the phone! Thank goodness you found it.. that could have been an expensive little joke that Harper played!

Katie S. said...

Garbage juice? Nasty! Yeah, good thing it wasn't covered in that!