Thursday, July 16, 2009

Harper is a Toddler

Today was Harper's first birthday. It was great! We are officially celebrating on Sunday so that her grandparents can be here but we did do a few things today. Here's the rundown:

We decided to let her open one present today and we're going to save the rest of her presents for Sunday. This is the present she got from her Uncle Abe, Aunt Kelly and cousins Elle and Lily Kate. Please excuse my appearance. We did it first thing in the morning before Ryan had to go to work so I am still in my PJs with no make-up on. (And yes, I cut my hair.)

Ryan had class until 5:30, so as soon as he got home we went to the Spray Park (these pictures aren't from her actual birthday they are from a different day, but we did pretty much the same thing). When we first go to the Spray Park she is a little apprehensive about the water but as soon as she gets wet she is everywhere! All we have to do is go down the slide with her once and she is great! The first picture is of Ryan going down the slide with her. I love the second picture because she is a tiny little baby in the middle of all of those big kids. We are so proud of her!

After coming home from the Spray Park and having some dinner Ryan had to go to work and I decided to take her to G's Dairy and get some ice cream. Don't let the picture worry you. I just got a cone for me and I just shared with her a little but I put the cone up to her face for the picture.

Please excuse my appearance in the above photo as well. Ryan and I are the cool parents who will go down the slides and get wet with our kid and not the parents that sit on the benches and watch.


Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Harper!!!!

Kelcie and Devon Kellogg said...

I can't believe she is a whole year! Happy birthday! i am sad you guys are moving cuz in a couple of months she would be in primary with me. And you look fabulous abby, you always do!

The Henkel Family said...

Yumm i want some of that ice cream! It is pretty crazy that lil' Harper Jean is a year old now! She's such a cutie and I don't know what you're talkin about in that picture cause you look gorgeous as usual!

will, jess, gabbie, kensie, cambrie... said...

yes, i would have to agree with crystal, you look gorgeous. I am so excited for you three and the job and moving and everything! Congratulations! and Happy Birthday Harper!

Natalie said...

Hey Abby! I saw pictures of Harper and Lexi on Sam's blog and thought I would check yours out. Harper has gotten so big and she's so beautiful I can't believe how fast they grow! Congrats to Ryan on the job, good luck with everything!