Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Counting my Blessings

We are poor college students.

I know that the majority of the readers of this blog are also poor college students or understand the meaning of that term.

At the start of our marriage Ryan got a really good job and I was working as well. We had paychecks coming in normally and although we weren't rich in any way, shape or form, I never felt like we were really pinching pennies. We were able to eat well and go out often and buy decent furniture. (It really helped that Ryan's parents own the townhouse and they are pretty much the best "landlords" ever!!!) I quit working when Harper was born and Ryan was very supportive of me being a stay-at-home mom. A little while ago Ryan had to quit his job (a couple weeks before the office shut down) so that he could do his internship. The internship lasted about 4 months and didn't have the best pay. After his internship Ryan started working on campus. Right now he is a TA for 2 teachers and he is an Econ Lab assistant. He is also donating/selling his plasma. It is hard for me to see Ryan do all of these things when I'm not earning any money. I am looking for employment at this time and hopefully something will work out. I don't want to get too specific about our finances, but basically, we're poor.

A few things have happened recently that have really helped out! In a recent post, I talked about our good friends who were moving. Well they are long gone by now (tear :,( ). Before they left they said that they had some food to bring us. I just figured it would be a few things that they had left over. Well, Will brought over two trips worth of stuff. It was great! Also, I was helping Nicole pack and she gave me a bunch of shirts that she didn't want anymore! They also gave us some baby clothes and cleaning supplies. It was so nice of them and I want to let them know how much we appreciate it! Also, I talked to my grandma a little while ago and she's sending me a package with some clothes that she doesn't want anymore (she doesn't dress like a normal grandma, she's totally hip!)

After looking at bills and thinking about tight finances today, all of these things came into my mind and I realized how blessed we are. Our Heavenly Father is truly mindful of us and I know that we will make it and all will be well.

P.S. Ryan has a final interview with corporate Wal-Mart this month the 11th-13th. It would be an incredible opportunity. I am also applying for a job at the office I worked at before Harper was born. So, if you could keep us in your prayers we would really appreciate it.


ailinh said...

Gotta love those blessings. =) You guys are so strong! I hope everything turns out well for the both of your jobs. Will definitely keep you in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

We will pray for you guys. We have been tremendously blessed by other people's prayers in the finance department. I have finally realized how spoiled rotten I was growing up. It makes you appreciate the things you do have huh? That is something I totaly struggle with as well. your not alone! Just keep on keepin' on. Heavenly Father will not let you go hungry. Love you girl!

amber said...

hey abby! i totally know how you feel, well not totally because of course we all have different situations, but i'm just saying, amen. :)

i do know that blessings are found all around during times of trials. i know that for a fact. and i know that you will be blessed. :)

heidi said...

You do have tons of blessings! As President Hinckley said, "It will all work out."

Love you both,