Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Counting Blessings part 2

My previous post was about the tough financial situation that we're in and how we have been so blessed recently. Well the blessings just keep pouring in.

I got a package from my mom the other day with some clothes in it. A couple of skirts and shirts. And I really needed some longer skirts just like the ones she sent me. When you have a little one that is becoming quite mobile, it's nicer to have longer skirts that won't come up while you're wrangling said little one and show your unmentionables.

I also got a call from our Relief Society president a couple of hours ago letting me know that a couple in our ward had some leftover baby food (I'm pretty sure this couple doesn't have kids, so I don't know why they would have baby food) and she asked if we needed any. Of course I said "Yes!" It was great!

I just want to say a little something about our Relief Society president. Her name is Sam. She has become a great friend of mine. We go on at least one walk together a day... sometimes two! She is so incredibly thoughtful and willing to serve. She is always offering to babysit. She even told me that she would be willing to help me pack if/when we move and I know she doesn't like to do that! She is an awesome R.S. president as well. We are lucky to have you as a R.S. president, Sam!!! Love you!


emmib said...

Glad you're being watched over. We remembered you and Ryan on Sunday. Hope all goes well with job interviews!!! Love ya :)

Samantha said...

Abby you're so sweet. I really love spend time with you and enjoy your company and am really sad to see you go. Love ya girl! See ya later today.