Friday, May 29, 2009

Summer's Here!.....

Hopefully. You never really know here in Rexburg whether Summer is here to stay or not. Last year we thought it was here and it snowed in June, yes June. A good sign that Summer is in fact here is that the canals are full and flowing with water from all of the snow melting off of the mountains. So, hopefully Mother Nature is satisfied with the amount of snow she has given us this year.

We had a four day weekend this past Memorial Day weekend. Of course Ryan had Monday off and he also had Tuesday off. We just did a lot of relaxing and spending time with each other. We had a little BBQ at our place on Saturday with our newlywed friends Jarom and Jamie. Then on Monday we had some burgers at Ryan's aunt and uncle's place. After we ate, they took us out to the cemetery and we got to see where some of Ryan's relatives are buried.

The Spray Park (mini water park) has opened up, so we decided to take Harper on Tuesday and see how she liked it. It was kind of chilly, so she didn't really get into it that much.

(I apologize for having her pacifier in her mouth in the pictures. She has learned how to grind her teeth. I can't stand the sound and it is obviously not good for her to do that. I'll try to be better about taking it out for pictures.)

The other day my friend, Sam, called and asked if we wanted to join her and her daughter, Alexia, in their little baby pool. Of course we wanted to, so she brought the pool over and we had a great time.
Ella, Lexi, Sam and Harper

The girls are very good at splashing and they managed to get a lot of water out of the pool and onto their mothers.

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Samantha said...

Hurray for summer. I look forward to many more summer days with you and Harper. Love ya Abby!