Friday, September 12, 2008

I Could Do It

The other day Ryan and I went to the temple and afterwards we decided to go eat at a place called Hard Hat Steak House here in Rexburg. It's an okay restaurant. I eat there because they have really good scones. The steaks aren't anything to write home about. Well, when we got there we saw that they were having a "date special" and you got two steak dinners for $18.99 or somewhere around there. So, of course we got the special. Now, I'm not exagerrating when I say this; I took about 4 bites of my steak and I was done. I finished by filling myself up with my side dishes (and some of Ryan's). My steak did not go to waste, we took it home and Ryan had it for lunch the next day.

This experience caused me to think a little bit more about something I've been thinking about lately: I could be a really good vegetarian. First of all, I don't really like red meat. Whenever I have a meal that has red meat in it like 'Church Stew' (my family will know what dish that is) or beef stroganoff or anything like that I always eat the pieces of meat first. Not because that is my favorite part, but because I want to get them out of the way so that I can enjoy the rest of the dish without the yucky meat getting in the way. And I remember doing that since I was little. Now, I know what you're thinking: 'Abby, chicken is a meat, too.' I know, I know. I don't mind chicken. But, if I removed it from my diet, I don't think I would miss it. I'm almost positive that I am this way because of how I was raised. We didn't eat a lot of meat growing up. I'm pretty sure that it is mostly because of the Word of Wisdom and because meat is expensive. There are a couple of reasons why I can't be a vegetarian, though. First, Ryan really likes meat. What man doesn't? And it would just be too hard to have a menu that would cater to the both of us if I was a vegetarian. Second, meat is a good source of protien. I know that there are vitamins and supplements for that, but I do not do well with swallowing pills (I took prenatal vitamins that were the size of horse pills, but that was for the baby, and I gagged almost every time I took them). So, I prefer getting my protien from the meat. It's a little bit easier to swallow.

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Kelly said...

Abby are you going Vegetarian? Say goodbye to red meat. Then I won't be the only 'difficult one' in the family:)

If you need any good tofu recipes let me know. I have several!