Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pregnancy Dreams

I normally have pretty weird dreams. Being pregnant my dreams have become beyond weird. I will tell you all about two of them.

Dream #1:
Ryan and I are walking through the store with our little girl in a stroller. The little girl is about 2. As we are walking through the store I look down at our little girl and I can't remember any of her life. I don't remember being pregnant, I don't remember her as a baby, nothing. The first thing that I remember of her life is that moment. I get really sad and I feel like a terrible mother. That's it.

Dream #2:
I had our baby at 20 weeks (pregnancy is 40 weeks long). The funny thing about having the baby so soon is that our baby was HUGE! He was almost 10 pounds. The other weird thing is he was a big, fat, black-haired oriental baby. He looked like Buddha. He was completely healthy. That's it.

I've had other pretty weird dreams, too. Well, I could probably call them nightmares, so I won't share them. They're not very pleasant. Feel free to tell me what these dreams mean.


Nicole said...

tag your it, go to my blog and follow the directions :)

Willie said...

Hey I know you found out the sex of the baby, so you better let us know soon. P.S- I think Will is a very good name for a boy or a girl.

Kolste said...

Abby! Its tiffany! you look so cute prgenant! i thought id give you our blogspot so we can still keep in touch...philmont made us friends forever...since we never see eachothr!