Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Our Pet

A little while ago, Ryan and I got a fish. I have been wanting a plant to have in our house and I also really would like to have a dog, but we can't get a dog right now. Anyway, I wanted some type of pet because when I am home alone it gets a little lonely and I would just like to have someone (or thing) to talk to. So, we got a fish! He lives in a little vase with bamboo plants and I think he likes his new home. His name is Nocioni and his nickname is Red Bull. He is red, so we were trying to think of names that would be good for a red fish. Andres Nocioni is a red-headed forward for the Chicago, Bulls and his nickname is Red Bull. So, that's what we named our new fish. So far, he has brought the Bulls good luck, so we're pretty excited about that.

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Jacki said...

Pretty Abby!