Sunday, January 20, 2013


We had some big changes here in church recently. 

Our units (congregations) were reorganized a little bit. With those changes, our little family has been put into a new unit. These new changes are mostly all good. We will miss some of our friends that we saw a lot at church, but we're excited to make new friends. 

The changes also brought a meeting time change. We used to go to church at 11 o'clock. Which was okay. My ideal church time as a mother with small children is 9 am. We will now be going to church a 1 pm. That is a tough time. The kids don't get naps and it feels late when we get home. It is really nice because we aren't rushed at all when we're getting ready for church and we have time to make and eat muffins for breakfast!

Something I've been hearing a lot lately is that change is constant. It's something we can always count on. So true.


Sierra Hannibal said...

GOOD LUCK! We have 1:00 church now too, and also used to have it at 11:00. Today was the first time actually going (since Macie had been sick), but it was AWFUL. Macie was crazy before we even left. She's a handful normally in sacrament, even with her nap, but today in sacrament I seriously felt like we were doing everyone a disservice being there. I'm contemplating attending the 9:00 ward's sacrament even though we're not in those ward boundaries. Hope things are better for you than they were for us. :)

HAYHAY said...

Yay, new posts. You guys rock. I love the Bell Fam. Don't envy to 1:00 time slot. Good luck:)