Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Why is it that each day I prepare myself for after bedtime to get all kinds of things done and when the time actually comes I just collapse on the couch and veg? Today I got the kids to bed and proceeded to enjoy this little number:

In true fashion of catching up. The next thing to share is about our sweet little boy. Every six months we get to go back down to Little Rock and Rigs gets to have check ups. There is always an ultrasound on the kidneys. At the beginning of December he had a new test done to check out his kidneys. In order for this test to be done he needed to be put under anesthesia. I always hate that part.  It's never fun to think about your child being put under. He was being injected with a dye and being scanned so the doctors needed him to be really still. Here are a couple of pictures before the procedure.

Playing around in his cute little scrubs.

He wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything that morning. He is trying to get his sippy cup with water out of my purse and he was a little frustrated.

After the procedure finally able to have something to drink. If you look at his ankle you can see the IV still in his leg. :(

The test that was done was to check his kidney function. When he was so super sick, his kidneys were what was affected* the most. They were so infected and so sick. Especially his left kidney.

The tests told us some news. Do you want to hear the good news or the bad news first? Well, since I can't hear you, I'll just choose. The bad news is that his left kidney is only functioning at 16%. The good news is that his right kidney is making up for it and functioning at 84%.

Long story short, nothing super serious. He is generally healthy. But because of the situation we will continue to monitor his kidney function. We aren't finished with Arkansas Children's Hospital and Little Rock just yet. The doctors and nurses said that this isn't anything that should keep Rigs from having a full and fun life. It's a good thing because this little guy sure loves fun!

*Did I use the word 'affected' right? Help me out friends. When are the proper times to use those words? (affected/effected)

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The Jones' said...

Poor guy! Most often affect is the verb. Effect is the noun. So yes, you used it right! Hope that helps!