Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thankful Catch Up

I'm totally behind on this thankfulness thing. Sorry!!! Here goes...

#5 - I'm thankful for modern medicine. I'm pretty sure that Rigley wouldn't be here if it weren't for the doctors, nurses, surgeries and medications that have helped him so much. There are definitely pros and cons to it. Today I put a check in the mail to pay off the medical bill from when Rigs had to stay overnight at the hospital when he was four days old. It's expensive and things don't always go right, but I am very thankful for it!

#6 - My bed. Ryan and I got a new king size bed back in April. Before this bed we were sleeping on a full size bed. It was a fairly comfortable bed, just so small. Now on our new bed I can hardly even reach Ryan sometimes. And it is oh so comfy! I just love it so much!

#7 - Walmart/Bentonville - Ryan has been blessed with a great job at Walmart. And thanks to Walmart (mostly) Bentonville is a pretty cool town. We really love it here! We have made some awesome friends and had some really great times.

#8 - Book Group - I have recently become in charge of our book group and it is such a great group. The books are always great and even if I haven't read the book I can still go and have a good time! Any good suggestions for us to read?

#9 - My Parents - They are seriously the best! They are such great examples to me of how I should live my life. They are very good at being self sufficient. They have a garden, exercise regularly,, compost have tons of food storage, and the list goes on. I really look up to them a lot!

#10 - Ryan's Parents - They sure did a good job at raising Ryan. They are amazing people. They are always thinking of and serving others. And they're coming to see us for Christmas! Yay!

#11 - I would have written this on Veteran's Day. I'm thankful for Veterans. Namely my Dad, Grandpa, brothers Zach and Abe, Uncles Dick, Jim and Russ, my cousin Tucker and Ryan's Grandpas Bob and Johnny. My brother, Abe, will be getting home from Iraq in the next week or so (hopefully). It really helps me appreciate it a little bit more when I have servicemen in my family. Thank you!

#12 - My job(s) - Being a stay-at-home mama is (in my humble opinion) one of the most difficult but most rewarding jobs a person can have. It is such a joy to be with my kids and teach them and learn from them. Also, I have been put on the schedule to teach at a gym. I can't wait to start teaching classes. It's going to be a great experience!

#13 - Good friends - I mentioned that we have made some great friends here. I really love my friends here! I'm also grateful for long time friends. I talked to an old roommate on gmail chat yesterday. I like the friendships that remain no matter how long you go without talking. They're nice to have.

#14 - Cars - We are lucky to have two cars. I am able to go to the gym or library or go grocery shopping during the day. I really admire people who can figure out how to make it work with just one car. I also like that cars can take us places far away. We'll be driving to Georgia in a couple of days for Thanksgiving and I'm thankful that we have a car that can get us there!

#15 - Hair - This may sound silly but I am really thankful for hair. Particularly mine (and Harper's). I know a lot of people who have hair that they don't love. Harper and I are complimented on our hair probably 95% of the time that we go out in public. And let me tell you, it never gets old! It always brightens my day when we get a hair compliment. I'm not the best at styling my hair or doing cute hair-dos but I have great color, it's thick and it grows fast. I really am luck to have good hair.


The Kradolfers said...

I love that you love your hair! That is awesome, and that you don't get tired of people complimenting it. Sometimes I wonder if when I compliment someone on something pretty obvious that they hear it all the time and are annoyed, but i don't think I will waste time worrying about that anymore. Also, two cars. We are doing the one car thing right now. We sold mine so we could save some money. Fortunately we have the trax, so that helps a lot, but I do have to plan things better. Lastly, I miss book club. I should find one or start one. Thanks for sharing!!

HAYHAY said...

We are thankful for you guys!! What a great list!