Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rigley is One!

I thought that Rigley's birthday was worthy of a blog post.

Sometimes I can't believe that he is already one. Other times I look at him and think, "You should be twenty. You have had so much happen in your life. It is enough to fill 20 years."

He is such a great baby! So content (mostly). So happy and smiley. It is so easy to get him to smile and laugh. Especially for Harper. She is by far his most favorite person in the world. And she knows it! He still doesn't have any teeth and he isn't walking (or crawling for that matter). He rolls to get around. It isn't your typical rolling. He is really fast and he can pivot around to steer himself. Lately he has also perfected the "Army scoot." If he has something in front of him that he wants and he knows he can't roll to get it, he can just scoot himself forward to get it. His best trick is the way he gets from sitting up to laying down. Most kids use their hands and kind of lay down to the side. Not Rigs. He just leans forward and does the splits all the way around. The kid is seriously flexible. I have a video. I'll try to remember to post it.

I was thinking the other night about how our lives would be so different if we didn't have him in our lives. Having him in our family and everything that we have experienced has been incredible. Every aspect of our lives is different because of Rigley. Spiritually, physically, financially....... We sure love this kid!

Oh, another cool trick he can do is flip his tongue over. As you can see in the picture.


Leslie said...

Abby, he is ADORABLE!! Happy Birthday Rigley and congratulations on making it through another first year, Abby!

Joy Elizabeth Jackson said...

Happy birthday, Rigley!!! I can not even begin to describe how happy I am that he is a fighter! It was fun celebrating his birthday, and I'm so excited to watch him and Brody grow up together. :)