Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentine's Day

This is a picture of my Valentine and the dessert we had on our date.

Please excuse the redness, we were sitting underneath a neon beer sign.

For Valentine's Day this year we kept things pretty low key. We didn't get each other presents, we just decided to go out. (I realized a couple of days after that we didn't get Harper anything either, oops).

*Big shout out to our pals Lance and Missy for babysitting for us. It was probably more of a treat for Harper because she just loves those guys and playing with their little girl!*

We went to a place in Fayetteville called Hugo's. IT WAS AWESOME!!! It's a small, chill, underground place. They say that you aren't supposed to go there on your first date. Apparently things won't work out if you do. They serve stuff like burgers and steaks. We both ordered the guacamole burger and loved it! Since it was a special occasion, we decided to order a dessert. We ordered Grasshopper Crepes. It was basically mint chocolate chip ice cream wrapped up in the crepes with chocolate sauce drizzled all over. They were so good!

I am so thankful to have a Valentine. Ryan is amazing! He works so hard and he is so good to Harper and me. I'm not sure if he really wanted the grasshopper crepes for dessert. I think he suggested them because he knew I would like them. He is always so thoughtful and caring. I love him so much!

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Samantha said...

That's a nice picture of Ryan but where is one of you and your belly?!!!