Wednesday, March 04, 2009

My fashion philosophy

What do you think of this shirt?

You can probably tell that it was taken by me, so it kind of defeats the purpose of the question.

Some of you may be thinking, "That is the most hideous shirt I have ever seen."

Some may be thinking, "That's a pretty cute shirt."

Or some of you may be somewhere in the middle.

Last Saturday we had some family pictures taken at the Sears portrait studio in Idaho Falls (I had a coupon). After that we decided to walk around the mall. Since we just got our tax refund, Ryan very sweetly told me that I could do a little shopping for myself. You mothers out there will understand this when I say it has gotten a little difficult to shop for myself when I could be shopping for the kid. We went into a couple of stores and I checked out the sales/clearance racks and didn't find much. We walked by Maurice's and I decided to go in. Now, normally I don't like that store, it's not really my taste. It is a small clothing store that is mostly in small western towns (correct me if I'm wrong). Well, I went back to the sales racks and found the shirt in the above photo. It immediately caught my eye. I bought it and put it on as soon as we got home! (I also bought one other shirt and my total was $5.24. I was pretty proud of that!)

I thought about it and this shirt pretty much sums up my new fashion philosophy.

"I'm going to wear what I want, when I want as long as the clothing fit these two criteria:
1. Modest
2. Comfortable."
My philosophy works out because if I'm wearing something immodest I'm always uncomfortable.

To me, the most important thing is looking nice. When I say that I want my clothing to be comfortable I don't mean that I'm going to wear sweats all day every day. I think it is important to look nice. Especially in public, but even if you're not going anywhere. Some days it is hard to get dressed and put make-up on as a stay-at-home mom, but I know that my husband appreciates it when he comes home and I am in a decent outfit with a decent looking face (It's pretty bad without make-up! He would never say that though!)

I am so sick of trying to keep up with the fashion world and wear what's right. The new shirt is perfect because 1) I like the 'primary' colors. I did quotes around primary because along with red, yellow and blue I also like green, purple and orange even though they aren't technically primary. 2) I like bright colors and I think they look good on me. They accentuate my fair skin which I am beginning to embrace. 3) I like patterns. Stripes, plaids, florals, you name it.

I have decided that when I go shopping I'm going to try to have a new mind set. "Buy things that I like, no matter what. Don't buy things just because they're in style even if I don't like them."

I don't like hoop or dangly earrings. I'm sticking with studs. Besides hoops and danglies are a hazard now that I have the little one.


Aaron and Ailinh Harris said...

personally, I would never wear that shirt, but who really gives about me, right? I think I saw you wear it once and it looks really good. (Maybe because of your hair and all the bright colors on there) And some of the new styles these days are so fetchin ugly, I'm starting to think if the creators are getting lazy. Anyway, you go, girl. Strut your thang.

Samantha said...

Abby you are adorable. Did you wear that shirt on Sunday? I think you did. I just remember thinking that your shirt was so cute. And today your outfit was so cute. I loved the little black tank over the long sleeved shirt.

I totally agree about that it is good to actually get dressed for the day even if you just stay home. Haha. The funny thing is when you came over tonight I was in stretchy pants and a big t-shirt because it was laundry day.

I too have come to realize that earings and necklaces can be a health hazard with a baby.

Ginet said...

Personally, I think being trendy is overrated. Why should I wear something just because someone else has decided it is "in"? Too bad I didn't figure this out earlier in life. I could have saved myself from wearing some pretty ugly and uncomfortable outfits!!

Adam and Britney Stevens said...

Abby, I applaud your fashion philosophies. I think this shirt is an incredible fit for your skin, hair, body and personality. That's what's so fun about fashion: A perfectly decent shirt might look hideous or be completely wrong for one person, but suit another person as if it were meant for them. Fashion is meant to reflect your personality and convey a message about how you feel about the people around you, i.e., whether you give a crap or not.
p.s. you sound like a fun person to go shopping with.

Allen Family said...

I'm with you!

Nikki Nichols said...

Abby, I totally get the wanting to be comfortable and modest, its so hard nowadays to be fashionable and modest... why? The Shirt? Not my cup of tea, but that doesn't matter huh ;) Good for you!

Katie S. said...

You forgot one more thing on your criteria list: that YOU like it, because like you said, who wants to buy something only because it's in style if they don't even like it?! John said it looks like colorful zebra stripes. lol guys are so funny sometimes.