Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bad Combination



Luckily, she didn't even know that she cut herself. I just looked over and saw little smears of blood on the vent and wall. She was really confused by that band-aid though.


Katie S. said...

Sad. I had a dream about Harper this week. I had our baby and then went to school, forgetting that I was a mother now and that someone depended on me. After spending the whole day at school I realized I had a baby at home that I forgot about and who must've been starving and in messy pants all day! Then, my mom appeared telling me that my baby might be dead because I neglected her and if they feel neglected for too long then they'll die! I was so scared so I rushed home to find my home teacher asleep on the bed with our baby (they all heard the baby screaming and crying and finally realized that I must've forgotten that I was a mother and decided to go in a feed/change her till I came home and realized that I did in fact have a baby)--weird, I know. Then I picked up my baby and she was not a newborn for some reason, and she was Harper for some reason. I thought, "Hmmm, how did this baby with this color hair come from me and John? Oh well, she's way cute, I love her!" Than I got mad because everyone was calling her Harper instead of the name that John and I have picked out for our girl lol. That was my dream. Thought I'd tell you now in long-comment form rather than later :)

Allen Family said...

Kaeson didn't like band-aid's until recently and it is actually really nice. Did Harper try to take it off? Will we be running on Monday?