Saturday, January 03, 2009


For Christmas this year we went to Illinois to Ryan's parents' house. We had a great time! I'll narrate through the pictures.

Harper and me the Sunday before Christmas in her dress from Gigi.

Harper's first time on the airplane on the way to Illinois.

Harper modeling her Christmas dress from Grandma Joann.

Me wearing my new scarf and showing off our new quilt!

Harper showing off her Christmas money from Great-Grandpa Johnny.

Christmas day night we went to a place called Key Lime Cove. It is about 10 minutes away from Ryan's parents' house. It is a indoor water park resort. We went and played on the water slides Christmas night and then slept at Ryan's folks' and then went back the next morning and did some more water sliding! Harper did great, you can tell how much fun she had in the pictures!

She was worn out!

We got to have lunch with our friends, the Mattinsons. They have a little girl, Sydney, who is three weeks younger than Harper. The plans is that Harper and Sydney will be best friends just like me and Sariah.

This picture is right before I fed her some peas. I think she is telling me that she would rather have marshmallows. The diaper was just for fun.


Kelly said...

Fun trip Abby. Harper is so beautiful!! She looks like such a happy girl!!

Samantha said...

It looks like you had fun. Harper is getting so adoarble! I her in her little swimsuit and in her bumbo. Did she like peas? Alexia does already with them but prefers squash out of all the veggies she has tried.

emmib said...

Abby, Harper is so so cute. I am jealous of all her hair - Devo is still practically bald! BTW, you look so pretty in the picture with Sariah. Your makeup looks that lip gloss you are wearing???