Thursday, June 05, 2008

Trip To Georgia

Sorry about the long absence of posts. There is really no excuse.

A little while ago I was able to go to Georgia and visit my family. It was a GREAT trip because I got to see almost everyone (minus Zach and his family and Chris). One of the funnest parts about the trip is that I got to be with my sister, who is also pregnant and due about nine days after me; and my sister-in-law, Kelly, who is due in September. I had a BLAST!!! On the first full day we were there we went and had my other sister-in-law, Crystal, do our hair and went out to lunch with her. We also got to go to one of Crystal's Zumba classes. This class was an hour long, non-stop, cardio dance class and with Emmi, Kelly and myself in there it was pretty funny. I think we held our own pretty well, though. I was also lucky enough to have a baby shower thrown by my sisters-in-law, sister and my mom. It was so much fun and I got a ton of great gifts for our little one. We also had dinner with the fam and just hung out a lot. My parents have been doing a lot of remodeling and renovating in their new house and it looks great. It is perfect for get togethers because we can all be in the same room and not be too crowded. I love my family so much. One of my favorite things about being with them is just hanging out. Every time we are all together we always have so much fun and so many laughs! I also enjoy staying up with my mom, dad or sister and just talking into the night. It makes for some of my most favorite memories. I was able to get a few pictures so here they are:

This picture is to show the progression of pregnancy (Crystal-not pregnant, Kelly-18 weeks, and so on)

The girls looking at pictures

Hayden and Elle reading with Papa Tom, GG and Kelly

This picture is of the fabric that my mom is going to use for our baby's bunny blanket. You can read about the tradition of these blankets and see an example of one on Emmi's blog.


emmib said...

Fun post, Ab. I had a great time with you too. I wish we could do it more often. Next time we're all together it will be a baby bonanza!

Kelly said...

I always tell everyone how fun it is when Abe's family gets together. I loved hanging out with you!!