Thursday, February 21, 2008


I have recently had an epiphany (I'm not sure that is the right word but it sounds good).

I know that I'm not the most eloquent of speakers and I'm working on that. So, I have always felt that when I make posts on the blog there needs to be something to look at; some pictures or some other link for people to click on. I have learned that that is not true. I love going to my family or friends' blogs and just reading up on what's going on. Some of my favorite posts to read don't have any pictures and they are just the thoughts of the people writing. Those posts are very entertaining to read.

I am now going to be writing more posts like that. The good news about that is that our blog will be updated more often (probably). The bad news is that those of you who read this are going to have to put up with it. You can always skip over the pictureless posts if you want.

With that being said, there is a pregnancy milestone that I want to let everyone know about. I have recently started feeling the baby move. At first I thought it was just gas (sorry if that's TMI), but now I know for sure that it is the baby. Last Friday, the 15th, I was feeling the baby; I told Ryan and he put his hand on my belly and he was able to feel it. He was very excited! The movements are still pretty faint and Ryan can't always feel them; but every once in a while he can. It's a lot of fun and it is definitely becoming more real to me since I can feel physical evidence that there is a living human growing inside of me.

We have 8 more days until we find out what the baby is. So cast your votes/predictions on the poll.

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Ginet said...

There is NOTHING in the world like feeling your baby kick for the first time! How exciting!!

We can't wait to find out what you're guess is a girl.