Saturday, February 23, 2008

Long enough....

I think that I am finally getting into somewhat of a routine. I know, Ryan and I have been married for over a year! It has taken some getting used to, this marriage thing. My least favorite house chore, I would have to say, is laundry. I don't mind the machine starting and switching. But the folding, oh the folding. I can't stand it. One of my new year's resolutions was to do laundry once a week and get it all done in one day. I think that I have probably accomplished that 3 times maximum so far (including today). I know that once the baby comes and I am not working or in school anymore, things will get both easier and harder. Easier, because I will have the whole day to do things. Harder, because baby clothes will be added to laundry and I will have the baby taking up a lot of my time.
Also, I have been a true slacker and I apologize for not posting any belly pictures. I do have one that is from a few weeks ago when I had just a smidgen of a bump. Now it's really growing. The baby has been having growth spurts the past week or so. I am already in my PJs, so I will have Ryan take one of me tomorrow when I'm in my cute Sunday clothes, or something just cute.

This is me at about 15 or 16 weeks I think.


Miriam Lusk said...

Haha- What bump? You are so cute though. It will be fun to watch your little belly grow. Enjoy you belly while it is still little. Once you have to wear maternity clothes you will have a tendency to feel frumpy. (but don't worry, its just a feeling, really you will be adorable!)

Kelly said...

I want to see another picture!! That one doesnt do your baby bump much justice!!!