Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Little Update

I have been horribly MIA when it comes to blogging lately! I am so sorry. Ryan and I have been so busy with school, work and church callings that we barely have time to check our email. I have a little bit of time right now, so I'll give a little update.

Ryan and I are both in classes right now. Ryan is full time and I just have 9 credits. This will be my last semester so that I can be at home with the baby. Ryan works part time and starting next week I will also be part time, so that I can have more time for my studies.

This Sunday our ward is going to be split. It is the largest ward in the university. I don't know that many changes will effect Ryan and I, but I will keep you updated.

I have been doing just fine concerning the pregnancy. I am 19 weeks today and feeling great! I have a lot more energy now and am getting more and more excited for this baby to be here! We have our ultrasound appointment on the 29th of this month and I think I have decided that we will find out what we are having. Ryan wants to find out so bad and I know that if he finds out and I don't, he will eventually accidentally slip it to me.

This past weekend we had the Rexburg temple dedicated. It was great! It was the first day that we had sunshine in weeks. Beautiful!

That's about all the time I have for right now. I want to post some pictures soon, so I'll work on that.

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Jacki said...

It sounds like you guys are doing great! I don't think I had a chance to congratulate you on your pregnancy! CONGRATULATIONS! You must let the world wide web know what you are having when/if you find out.