Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Fun!

Well, Ryan and I had a great Christmas this year! These are just a few pictures of our Christmas Eve dinner and me opening presents. Ryan was enjoying taking pictures of me and my presents. Along with the sewing machine and food processor, Ryan got me the book New Moon, a fleece pullover and the 4th series of That 70s Show on DVD. I got him an Ohio State hat, sunglasses, socks, shoes and a jacket and shirt. It was a great Christmas!

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Leslie said...

are you a big seamstress? I did not know this about you. When I went home I got tons of cute fabric so that I can make a few blankets and I'm excited! I am NOT a seamstress though, I can assure you. I just like to pretend sometimes. What are you making with your new sewing machine? I think I have the same one, by the way.