Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I've been thinking.......Ryan and I have a certain conversation quite often and it usually happens when ESPN is on or we just talked about sports or something, and it usually goes like this:

Abby:Aren't you glad that I watch sports with you?
Ryan: Of course!!!!
A:I'm like the coolest wife, because I watch sports with you and I can talk to you, somewhat intelligently, about sports.
R:I know. You're the greatest wife, EVER!!!

Okay, so I may have inserted a little bit of emphasis in there.

But truly and honestly, I think sports are fun to watch, talk about, read about, etc. I told Ryan that I thought it would even be fun to be a reporter on ESPN. I mean y'all can ask Ez, I just had a pretty good sports conversation with him yesterday. I do what I can. There was a sister in my ward this past semester and her husband loved hunting and she wasn't really into it, but she still went with him and even shot an elk (I think). She said that she did it because she wanted to be able to experience and participate with her husband in the things he loves to do. I think that's a pretty good motivation. And guys can do that, too. I'm not saying that they have to come with us when we get our hair done; but I recently re-painted our living room and Ryan helped and was very good about giving his input.

I guess what I'm saying is that it's fun to do things with your spouse and share your interests with each other.


Kelly said...

I'm going to tell Abe about this idea. I dont understand why he wont watch America's Next Top Model with me!!

Ezra said...

Here's one guess why Abe might not want to watch America's Next Top Model with you...

Abe said...

Yea, I love going and getting my nails done with Kelly, and I just love going shopping for designer jeans.

abbyB said...

Tyra was trippin'!

Crystal said...

The truest form of sharing everything with your spouse is when they(he) puts on your underwear and works out in them.