Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Kan U Reed?

This past weekend, the dance studio that I work at ran a competition. I was in charge of the music for all of the numbers, which means that at the beginning of every number I had to put in the CD, watch for the dancers to be in the starting position and start the music, then when the dancers were finished I had to take out the CD and start all over again. The table that the CDs were at was about 10 feet away from the CD player. We had to have the table where it was so that the judges could see the announcer. There was a door leading to the hallway in between the table and CD player. I put signs on the door asking people to use other doors, because the traffic by the door was causing me to start the music late sometimes because people would be blocking the space between the table and CD player and I also couldn't see the dancers over everyone. People were just ignoring the signs right in front of my face. I would ask people not to use the doors and then some of the same people the I know I asked not to use the doors, would come by and use them again. I got SO frustrated with this that I made an announcement over the loud speaker asking people not to use the doors, I know people saw me and I know they saw me pointing at the doors. Yet, THEY STILL USED THE DOORS!!!! I was so tempted to get over the loud speaker again and ask them if they could read or if they were just disrespectful.....but I held my tongue.

I guess I just needed to vent.

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